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Chalmers Equity Group has a proven track record of closing properties we put into escrow. As of inception, we have closed all of the sites that we have had in escrow; with exception to those sites where there was an environmental issue that the seller was unwilling to clean up. CEG focuses on productivity and closing what we work on and, since 2000, we have become the 10th-largest developer of industrial and commercial property in Los Angeles County. Virtually all of the sites we purchase have environmental issues, entitlement challenges, railroad or other easement concerns. Where most other developers would walk away from these types of challenges, we never do. CEG works with owners to address these issues and find an equitable solution to close the deal.

Most of the capital funding for the projects comes from Mr. Chalmers, the owner of Chalmers Equity Group, personally. Mr. Chalmers is also one of the few people in LA County that is able to secure speculative bank financing for industrial and commercial development currently in the market. However, where traditional financing is not a possibility due to environmental issues or other challenges, CEG has a great network of capital partners and investors that Mr. Chalmers utilizes when the occasion requires. Due to our track record and financial strength, we virtually have unlimited capital and lending for our projects.


One of the keys to CEG’s success is the way we have treated and respected brokers over the years. We look at the brokerage community as our sales force and we value them and realize what they bring to the table. As a former broker, Mr. Chalmers realizes how difficult it can be for brokers to complete a deal and then try to collect their fees and not be recognized or appreciated for their efforts. In complicated transactions, it is often better for CEG to work directly with the client once the building to suit or deal is complete. We always pay the brokers fees that are due regardless of the broker’s participation. CEG also guarantees the broker that initially brought us the deal the listing on the finished building. Once a broker does a deal with CEG, they will always have that listing as long as they are still active in that market. When a broker brings CEG a client, we are prepared with what is needed for the meeting and always present and discuss fees for the broker up front so everyone knows what is expected. The bottom line is we know how hard the business is and when brokers deal with CEG, we want them to know that we respect and appreciate their hard work. We realize how critical our broker relationships are to our success!

“C.E.G. is a creative and experienced development/construction company that consistently delivers and adds value to companies seeking new complex distribution space. The relationship has included over 500,000 square feet of successful build-to-suit transactions and I look forward to working with C.E.G. on future endeavors.”


Anthony Brent
Owner/Partner, BlackRidge Real Estate Group

“Chalmers Equity Group is a great buyer, especially for in-fill redevelopment projects that often come saddled with due diligence challenges due to their historical industrial uses. C.E.G.’s team knows how to roll their sleeves up, push through those issues, and get to the goal line.”

John McMillan
Executive Director, Industrial Brokerage | Certified Supply Chain Specialist

“When I represent Chalmers equity group I know I have a buyer committed to closing the deal and taking care of the broker. There are no committees or other approval processes with C.E.G. When Trace Chalmers says go, they get it done.”

Scott A. Heaton
Executive Vice President, Colliers International

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