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Chalmers Equity Group is one of the largest industrial developers in Southern California with around $1.75 Billion of projects. Since 2001, we have been ranked in the top 10 of the largest developers in Los Angeles County, according to the Los Angeles Business Journal. With over 7 million sq. ft. of industrial buildings purchased, built, and sold and 2 million sq. ft. leased, we have a proven track record for closing deals.

From the standpoint of financial capacity, Chalmers Equity Group is quite unique. We are the only major developer in LA County that does not have capital partners or investors. All of the capital comes from Mr. Chalmers and we maintain an acquisition fund generally between $50 and $80 million. CEG has enjoyed a great relationship with our primary lenders, Pacific Western National Bank, and City National bank. The success of our projects in terms of cash flow and equity gives us access to a nearly inexhaustible lending limit with our primary lenders.

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