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Mr. Chalmers began his industrial real estate career shortly after graduating from UCLA in 1984. He started working as an industrial real estate broker for Heger Realty. He quickly became one of the top industrial real estate brokers in the Commerce and Vernon marketplace. 

Having put himself through college Mr. Chalmers’ entrepreneurial spirit lead him to start Chalmers Equity Group in 1987, a small multifamily development and construction company. After the recession in 1989, Mr. Chalmers went back into the industrial market as a contractor. 

Chalmers Equity Group was founded in 1987. A year later C.E.G. put up its first tilt-up in the downtown produce market. Over the next 26 years, C.E.G. completed several hundred projects making it one of the leading design-build contractors in Los Angeles County. 

Chalmers Equity Group continues to be recognized as one of the top real estate developers in Los Angeles County. 


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